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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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frmts right now at 5:00, a man is hospitalized after a shark attack near monterey. we talk to witnesses and have a live report. and award winning director michael moore headed across the bay to san francisco today and joined the occupy movement there. hear what he had to say about the lack of leadership in the movement. and it has been the deadliest day since the war began for coalition forces in afghanistan. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. much of the world is watching oakland tonight. the occupy movement there gained widespread attention this week after police and protesters clashed, and tonight, protesters are planning a rally to speak out against what they call police brutality. eye iraq war veteran was
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critically injured tuesday when he was hit in the head by what witnesses say was a tear gas cannister. >> reporter: the movement does not seem to be slowing down. that's despite city leaders asking campers to pack up and leave. look behind me, you can see that's not happening. dozens of new tents sprang up outside oakland city hall in the last 24 hours. even the california nurses association set up a tent in one corner near a daycare center, and a small kitchen serving homeless and other campers. the occupy wall street movement is getting star power. michael moore made an appearance here yesterday and again today in san francisco to support the cause. moore talked about the strength of the movement and what he says protesters have accomplished. >> it has changed the national discussion. they don't talk about the debt ceiling any more, do they? or the deficit?
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that was six weeks ago, that's what they were talking about six weeks ago. that's gone now. this is what they're talking about. >> reporter: the movement has grown. and as the movement has grown, city leaders across the country struggled with how to deal with the campers. here in oakland, the interim police chief explained the latest rule. police won't enter the camp unless there's a call for service, and in response to police using tear gas on protesters here on tuesday night, the oscar grant committee organized an against police brutality event that will take place behind me this evening. details at 5:30. elise kir shall ner, bay area news. >> thank you. another group calling itself the other 98% planned an event today at ocean beach. this event was planned months ago, before the occupy movement took off and was scheduled almost a year before election day 2012.
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the idea was to use human bodies as a medium for the message tax the 1%. >> we know why we are here. the dice are loaded, the game is rigged. we are sending the message there are 98, 99% of us that think there's an equitable way to fix the loaded dice and rigged system and this is a place to start. >> they spelled out tax the 1% with human bodies there as you can see. it was accomplished about noon. about a thousand participated in the message. the additional message? the middle class is too big to fail. what they call a matter of life and death, dozens of friends and family members of a mentally ill man are searching the streets of san francisco looking for him. family members say 29-year-old cameron rimer is bipolar, stopped taking his medication recently. he was in san francisco for a business meeting at the beginning of the month when he was reportedly asked to leave
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the hotel because of his strange behavior. family came from all over the country to help with the search. >> cameron is bipolar, one with psychotic features, and had -- it is believed he had some episodes leading up to his trip out here, to his visit out here. >> while there's been no real contact with cameron since october 6th, he was last seen thursday near fisherman's war of, muttering, wearing two different shoes. the family is asking anyone that may have seen him to please contact police. coming up next at 5:00, two former underdogs in the republican nomination for president both won straw polls today. we'll show you. and what the ipod did for music, he wants to do for your home. the man that helped design the ipod is at it again, not for apple though. his latest invention could save you a bundle. a hell's angel was buried two weeks after he was killed in the very cemetery he was laid to
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rest. that story coming up. let's look at the weather. you will find 71 degrees in san francisco. gorgeous start to the weekend, but big changes lie ahead in the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know what they mean when we come back.
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it has been an interesting weekend in national politics. texas congressman ron paul added another straw poll victory today to his list. this one at the national federation of republican assemblies convention in des moines, iowa. paul finished with a landslide 82% of the vote. the candatkeepo s about the importance of self reliance, liberty, and conservative values. >> what we need is a healthy
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dose of renewal of the spirit of liberty. we need to understand that the laws don't make us free as much as the spirit of liberty burning in our hearts and in our minds. that's what's necessary. that's where i see the tremendous growth in this country today. >> paul won both tallies, delegates to the convention plan to make decision who to encourse later this weekend. herman cain finished second to paul. while he finished second in that straw poll, he won the straw poll in alabama today, but it wasn't an easy victory. he had to plead his case to a room of a lot of ron paul supporters. cain took the opportunity to say he is a real candidate a real strategy, not a celebrity seeking opportunist. >> there's things out there about me that i want to clarify. i am in it to win it. [ applause ] not to get a tv show.
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i'm in it to win it. >> ron paul took second place by the way in that straw poll. in afghanistan, it was the deadliest attack on coalition forces since the war began. 13 americans were killed when a suicide car bomber struck a nato convoy in kabul. >> reporter: a very volatile saturday here in afghanistan, with three very different attacks in different parts of the country. the biggest one occurred here in the capital where a car bomber targeted a nato convoy, in the end, hitting an up armored bus carrying service members. in the end, it killed 13 americans and four afghans, three civilians and one afghan police officer. this is the biggest attack we've seen in the capital since mid september. a different attack down south. an afghan service member turned his weapon onto nato members
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killing three australians and their afghan interpreter. this comes days before the istanbul conference that's supposed to take place in turkey, talking about the future of afghanistan and its regional impact. so the taliban trying to make sure the international community knows that they're still in afghanistan and that they are still fighting. and coming up next, he helped design your ipod, but now he's trying to help you save money on your energy bill. we'll explain that coming up.
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in monterey county, a man was attacked by a shark this morning, surfing with friends near marina state beach which is a couple miles north of monterey. he was flown to san jose regional medical center wheresque treated tonight. kimberly terry has the latest for us. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, that surfer underwent surgery for his injuries, shark bites to the
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neck and right forearm. we're told he is in stable condition and will likely make a full recovery. emergency crews say the 17-year-old was surfing with friends this morning at marina state beach, about nine miles north of monterey. that's when the shark attacked him. he was then treated on the beach for his injuries and flown to the regional medical center of san jose. the last shark attack was at the ier today. where he was attacked the last one happened in august of 2007. that surfer was injured, but survived. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc. you may not know his name, but you know his work. he helped design the ipod. now he has a new design, but it is not for apple, it is for your home to help keep you warm. here is our business and tech reporter, scott button. >> in the grill, we have a sensor that detects motion. as you walk around the house, it
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notices when you're home. >> reporter: he used to design ipods and ipads, then he left apple to design this, a thermostat. >> the goal was to take the culmination of all we did i know the past, ipod, iphones, and build the best experience possible for the thermostat. >> reporter: his company calls it the learning thermostat. it learns about you and your house to lower your energy bill. >> it learns from you. so you turn down when you leave, it will remember, oh, you leave at 8:00 a.m. every day. it is that simple. >> reporter: like apple, there's a lot of technology inside you don't have to worry about. that technology was designed here, inside a company that's quietly grown to 100 people, with lots of jobs still open. think of it as a green tech product that wants to go from this to an object of desire. >> they are white plastic boxes on the wall that haven't been innovated in 20 years.
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consumers are used to the ipad and ipod, we want to bring that to them. >> it costs $250, about what the company claims you'll save on the energy bill in a year if you use it. and yes, there's even an app to control it remotely. it may not seem as sexy as the ipod at first glance, but it is thinking different and saving money is always in style. if you're ready for a $250 update to a wall, free order the nest thermostat on or the company says they will begin deliveries in mid november. i'm scott budman, nbc bay area news. an early snowstorm is causing all kinds of problems on the east coast. historians say it is the biggest october snowfall in new york city since the civil war. nbc's brian moore has a look at how people are shoveling snow when they really should be raking leaves. >> reporter: a halloween blizzard? not quite.
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but the late october snowstorm that blanketed much of the east coast is one to remember. new york city which hasn't seen measurable snowfall in october since 1952 smashed an all time record. the national weather service says 1.3" fell in central park as of 2:00 p.m. take a look here. the white stuff was enough to add a little color to the yale, columbia football game, but for the most part, this premature weekend snowstorm was little more than an inconvenience. >> my daughter is not going to be happy. late halloween? i don't think i ever speerpsed one. >> as the snow accumulated, so did power outages and airport delays. fortunately, there was enough time for road crews to gear up and for everyone to get the essentials. >> it has been a mad rush of people getting salt, potassium, and shovels. i mean, we sell shovels, it is amazing how many we sell.
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>> reporter: new england is no stranger to snow, but not before the leaves have finished falling. >> it's much too early. i'm not ready. >> reporter: like it or not, a preview of winter. brian moore, nbc news. i know it sounds kind of ridiculous, but it is hard to imagine that going on, rob, when we're out in 80 degree weather, tanning ourselves or whatever, being responsible, of course. >> and all the family and friends you haven't heard from in the northeast all year long calling. >> this is why we live here. >> exactly. and to make jack o'lanterns into snow men in the northeast, that's what they're seeing. snow continues to fall. you heard it in the story. it is a wet, heavy snow. some of the branches, it is weighing down power lines. a lot of power outages across the northeast and flight delays, boston, hartford, new york, philadelphia. looks like the system should start to clear from the coast later tomorrow, but still, this is very early to see this
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combination of arctic cold air dropping down out of ontario, tapping into the warm moisture off the atlantic ocean, coming together there across the northeast. the bay area is a different story. we have nothing but sunshine. no clouds around san francisco. 68 degrees. we're starting to see changes in the form of the sea breeze picking up, west at 12. the reason tomorrow it will be cooler than we had today. 75 in oakland, 75 in san jose. humidity 24%, kind of dry out there. the reason why the mornings have been so cool is we lost the low clouds and the air is pretty dry. as nights get longer without low clouds, that means chilly temperatures for morning lows. lots of 70s, gorgeous evening around the bay area. the sea breeze is picking up. if you have early halloween plans, you may want a light jacket. west winds will bring in coastal low clouds, leading to a little cooling tomorrow. a little more cooling towards halloween. halloween does look dry.
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big changes coming our way towards the end of the seven-day forecast, which will lead to cooler temperatures next weekend. you can see the jet stream to the north. between now and halloween, things are pretty mild. we'll see numbers in the 70s inland. cooler around san francisco and the coast tomorrow. monday continued cooling. tuesday and wednesday, get a brief episode of offshore winds, dry and gusty at times. we have to watch out tuesday night for fire danger concerns, but it is thursday and friday. check it out in the seven-day forecast coming up. cooler temperatures, and maybe a chance to see showers. tonight, lows mostly in the 40s and 50s, with the return to the on shore winds that should add more moisture to the air. we will be in the upper 70s for warmer places inland, san jose, close to 78. cooler around the inner bay, and san francisco where the winds come on shore, ocean air conditioning kicks on, we'll see
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temperatures a little cooler tomorrow, even towards the east bay and around oakland. close to 80 in fairfield. headed to the north bay, you will see numbers in the 70s. a clear trend in the seven-day forecast. halloween is fine. good timing there. by next weekend, 50s and 60s for highs. that's a big drop. >> isn't that what it is supposed to be? >> yes, we're kind of going to the extreme, cooler than average by next saturday. >> but no snow. thanks a lot. let's check in with jamie from comcast sportsnet. what's going on? >> how are you doing. a full day of college football coming up. we'll tell you what went down in the past 12, including the cal golden bears taking on ucla. a score update after the break. i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's.
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time for sports on a busy day in college football. from comcast sportsnet newsroom. golden bears 4 and 3 heading into the matchup with the bruins. have one victory in the conference. looking to double that total today. bears down in ucla from the rose bowl. first quarter, scoreless. ucla quarterback kevin prince keeps it on the option, runs it up the middle, has the first down, but coughs it up. two plays later, may nard rolls out, finds miller who makes a great one handed grab. first down. another look at that, great grab by miller. third and goal. it is pounded in from a yard out. cal gets on the board first at
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7-0 at that point, it is 17-7 now in favor of ucla. washington state against oregon, third quarter. brian bennett out of shotgun, passes to thomas, goes 45 yards. cutting back and forth. eventually in the end zone for the touchdown to make it 22-10. after a washington state touchdown, thomas again, this time on the kickoff return, and check this out. breaks it up the middle. no one there to catch him. 93 yards. 36-20, oregon. same score in the fourth. he takes a handoff, breaks outside, 28 yards for the touchdown. oregon rolls over washington, 43-28. to the pros, the silver and black were work to go mentor the future stars, more than 300 bay area youth football players
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competed in a tournament at the raiders practice facility today. pro-football legend jim otto also on hand. winning teams from each age bracket advance to the national tournament of champions in early 2012. >> we're hosting the regional tournament for teams that play within the nfl flag program. it happens to be this is one of the eight weekends we host with the winners of each of the three age divisions going to the national tournament being held in florida. along with the tournament, we have some great activities. we have verizon as one of the sponsors, they have a great interactive booth, as well as former oakland raider jim otto is here signing autographs. >> to the pitch where the golden bears continue their efforts deflg a rugby team, the bears played three matches today at
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saint mary's, beating loyola. the tournament continues tomorrow. and this was the scene at the civic center in san francisco today. no need to adjust your television. that really was snow. 10,000 pounds of shredded ice were used to create a rail slide for the downtown throw down. 25 professional snowboarders were competing for $10,000 in prizes in the urban boarding competition. not quite as exciting as the half pipe. not bad for the middle of san francisco when it is about 75 degrees outside. stanford kicked off against usc, already up early in this 7-0 in our. that does it for sports. back to the studio. >> thanks a lot. when we come back, a look at what activist movie director michael moore had to say to the crowd at the occupy san francisco movement today.
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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. welcome back for this special edition of bay area news. in afghanistan today, it was the deadliest attack on coalition forces there since the war began. nbc's ray tee a aboy ee reports. >> reporter: a volatile day in afghanistan with three different attacks in different parts of the country. the biggest one here in the capital of kabul where a car bomber targeted a nato convoy, in the end, hitting an up armored bus carrying u.s. service members. in the end, they were able to kill 13 americans and four afghans. three civilians and one afghan police officer. it is the biggest attack in the capital since mid september. a different attack down south. an afghan service member turned his weapon onto nato service members, killing three australians as well as their afghan


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